Warning military personnel not to mock those assigned to non-military roles

Islamic State
Wilayat Halab

No.: 7-3-h
Date: 23 Dhu al-Q’ida 1436 AH corresponding to 7 September 2015 CE

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Statement on warning against mockery of those the Imam has held back from mobilisation

Praise be to God alone who gives victory to His servant, makes mighty His soldiery, lowers disbelief and its party and has established the Caliphate through those who love God and are loved by Him, and prayers and peace be upon the one to whom God brought joy and whose status He elevated, while bringing humiliation and lowliness on those who contravened his command.

As for what follows:

The greatest thing that the one who hopes to meet his Lord fears for Himself is that his heart should be afflicted with a disease such that he should possess what is of the characteristics of the hypocrites while not realising it, and he should incur anger from God from where he does not realise. The most ugly aspect of this is ghurur, which makes man slander the monotheists and disparage them. God Almighty says: “Those who defame those of the believers who generously give charity and make a mockery of those who do not find anything besides what little they have to give: God will make a mockery of them, and for them is a painful torment.” The consequence after that is the futility of one’s work, the loss of one’s blessing, the coming down of God’s anger upon that person, and as such that person is subsequently not successful and is not granted success in his jihad at all.

This reminder has been written because of the apparent behaviour of some of those claiming affiliation with jihad and its people and reckoning themselves to be safe of Satan’s entrances and windows, as they have assumed that they are in God’s eyes among the best of His servants and the retinue of His allies. As such they have disparaged the works of their brother around them, so made light of the affair of the Hisba and the Hisba personnel or mocked those calling to God and the teachers assigned by the imam of the Muslims for these works in order to realise the intentions of the Caliphate and to obey Gd’s command to establish the religion through jihad and da’wa for God on the basis of insight. Indeed they have thought that the Shari’i works and undertaking the affairs of the citizens are only suitable for those content with sitting back and preferring ease and indifference to the toil of ribat and fighting. Indeed their disparaging of their brothers has got to the point of disparaging and belittling their works, which put those people in the position of mocking what is part of God’s religion.

So out of concern for the religion of our brothers and the soundness of their hearts and in order to prevent their deeds from losing their good aspects or becoming futile, may the soldiers hold back their tongues, for the one upon whom be prayers and peace said: “The man who says a word that incurs God’s anger and does not take it seriously will be thrown into in the fire for 70 years.” He (prayers and peace be upon him) also said: “Are people thrown prostrate in Hellfire for anything except the harvests of their tongues?”

The guarantee of Paradise and profit of the transaction is in keeping your mouthes away from saying falsehood and what God has forbidden. He (prayers and peace be upon him) said: “He who guarantees for me what is between his jaws and what is between his thighs, I will guarantee Paradise for him.”

Islamic State
Wilayat Halab
Deputy wali

Forgery: Purported Hisba document from Deir az-Zor region

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Islamic State

Diwan al-Hisba
Wilayat al-Sham

No. 0361

Praise be to God and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God. As for what follows:

To the individual called [redacted], living in the village of Jadid Aqeedat and owner of the oven: the Islamic State gives you a deadline of three days at most from the issuing of this statement 28 Rajab 1442 AH to distribute bread through agents. And we will never be content with the queue of women at the bakery and appointment of an agent particular to the women and the poor and displaced families.

And if you do not respond to the demands of the Islamic State, we will blow up this bakery by the permission of God. And the one who has warned has been excused.

Stamp and signature:

Abdullah al-Ansari

Islamic State
Wilayat al-Khayr
Diwan al-Hisba

[Comment: this odd document, which looks like a poorly composed electronic forgery, has numerous signs pointing to its forgery. First, the stamp is unclear and bears the marking of ‘Wilayat al-Khayr’ even though this is supposed to be a document issued in the name of Wilayat al-Sham (all Syrian territories come under this wilaya currently, with the smaller region wilayas having been cancelled some time ago). In addition, there is no reason why the Islamic State’s Diwan al-Hisba should threaten a bakery owner in some village not under its formal control to distribute bread. Comparison of the format of this document also shows many parallels with a forgery that is a purported Islamic State list threatening individuals in Deir az-Zor].

Islamic State Travel Restrictions: Aleppo Province

Islamic State
Wilayat Halab

Hisba Centre
Travel Office

Before consulting the travel office

. If the travel is for medical treatment, the following is required:

a) Filling in the traveller data form.
b) Copy of the medical report (stamped by the medical official),
c) Copy of personal ID or family registry of the traveller.
d) Copy of the personal ID or family registry for every person accompanying.
e) Bringing the ID documents of the two sponsors (personal IS or family registry) to be deposited with the office until returning from the travel.

. If the travel is for business, the following is required:

a) Filling in the traveller data form.
b) Copy of the business registry extracted from the chamber of commerce.
c) Copy of the personal ID or family registry.
d) If the business registry cannot be extracted, then the following is required:

1. Bringing a copy of the zakat receipt.
2. ID documents of the two sponsors (personal ID or family registry) to be deposited with the office until returning from travel.

. If the travel is for return to the place of residence, the following is required:

a) Filling in the traveller data form.
b) Copy of personal ID or family registry of the traveller.
c) Copy of the personal ID or family registry for every person accompanying.
d) Copy of the visit receipt received from the border checkpoint.
e) In the event there is no visit receipt, that requires one of two things:

The witness testimony of a mujahid stamped by his amir or bringing two just witnesses from the general populace of the Muslims.

. If the travel is to visit the abode of kufr, the following is required:

a) Filling in the traveller data form.
b) Copy of personal ID or family registry of the traveller.
c) Copy of the personal ID or family registry for every person accompanying.
d) Bringing the ID documents of the two sponsors (personal IS or family registry) to be deposited with the office until returning from the travel.

Note: it is absolutely forbidden for women to attend; they are to be represented by their maharims.

Hisba Personnel and Jobs in Southern Ninawa Province (2014)

Islamic State
Caliphate on the Prophetic Methodology
Diwan al-Hisba
Wilayat Ninawa/Southern Centre


Date: / /1436 AH ( / /2014 CE)

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

NumberThree-fold nameArea of workSectorNotes
1Hamad Huwaidi MuhammadHead of the Diwan al-Hisbaal-Shura 
2Bassam Mohsen NajamDeputy head of the Hisbaal-Shura 
3Khalil Ibrahim HassanShari’i overvieweral-Shura 
4Ra’ad Abid AbdullahAdministrative official of the Hisbaal-Shura 
5Hussein Hassan YaseenDetachments commanderal-Shura 
6Yaseen Faraj AhmadNotifications receiveral-Shura 
7Wadah Aboud NajamPatrol detachmentsal-Shura 
8Ali Muhammad SuleimanPatrol detachmentsal-Shura 
9Abd al-Wahhab Mohsen NajamPatrol detachmentsal-Shura 
10Dayan Fathi SuleimanPatrol detachmentsal-Shura 
11Salim Hussein IbrahimPatrol detachmentsal-Shura 
12Emad Abdullah AhmadPatrol detachmentsal-Shura 
13Abd al-Man’am Muhammad HuwaidiAdministrative officialal-Shura 
14Ahmad Fawzi MuhammadHead of the Hisba of HamamHamam al-Alil 
15Arif Jasim MahmoudDeputy head of the HisbaHamam al-Alil 
16Ammar Ahmad HamidAdministrative officialHamam al-Alil 
17Ali Mustafa SuleimanSecretaryHamam al-Alil 
18Hassan Ali AwadReceiver of complaintsHamam al-Alil 
19Ahmad Salah KhalafDetachment commanderHamam al-Alil 
20Barzan Jihad KhalafDetachment commanderHamam al-Alil 
21Ahmad Abdullah FathiPatrolHamam al-Alil 
22Hussein Ali KhalafPatrolHamam al-Alil 
23Khalid Abd al-Aziz RamadanPatrolHamam al-Alil 
24Khalid Abd MuhammadPatrolHamam al-Alil 
25Sa’ad Ahmad YunisGuarding the gate of the DiwanHamam al-Alil 
26Sayf Saleh HusseinPatrolHamam al-Alil 
27Ammar Ibrahim JasimPatrolHamam al-Alil 

[Comment: compare with documents from 2014 on the structure of the Hisba].

Diwan Bayt al-Mal: Banks Administration Contract for Disbursement of Salaries

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Islamic State
Caliphate on the Prophetic Methodology
Diwan Bayt al-Mal
Banks Administration

Contract number:

Date: / /1436 AH
/ /2014 CE

Number of pages:

Contract for disbursement of salaries of employees

It has been agreed between the the first party (the Islamic Banks Administration) and the second party ( ), that the second party should be authorised to disburse the salaries of ( ) and the total sum of the salaries is ( ) in writing ( ).

And that is so after his agreement to the agreed upon conditions that are as follows:

1. 3% is to be deducted from the total of the salaries of the directorate and that deducted sum is to go to the first party. This is in order to cover the costs of the contracts and other expenditures.

2. The sums that result from the process of transfer of the salaries in dollars are to be divided equally between the two parties.

3. The percentage sum [of deduction] is to be deposited in the account of the ‘Banks Administration’ in al-Rasheed Bank- Mosul 3, and there is to be receipt of a confirmation letter of the handing over of the sum to the Bank. And the second party is to hand it over to the Banks Committee that is present in al-Rasheed Bank in al-Dawasa in order to receive a cash receipt for the sum.

4. The sum is to be deposited before beginning the process of distributing the salaries to the employees on a monthly basis.

5. The handing over of the agreed 3% sum is to be in the form of dollars only.

6. The contract is not to be written until there is with the second party a ‘confirmation letter’ from the relevant directorate, stamped by the Diwan overseeing the directorate (agreement on receipt and distribution of the salaries of the employees) and in which the total of the salaries of the directorate is mentioned.

7. The second party must obtain a receipt from the Diwan al-Zakat.

8. Compliance with the instructions and directives of the Diwan al-Hisba.

9. In the event of the second party’s delay in handing over the salaries from their mutually acknowledged date, he is to present a notification of the reasons for the delay to the agent.

10. In the event of delay in work and not complying with the dates, the first party has the right to cancel the contract and inform the second party in writing.

And God is the guarantor of success.

First Party

Islamic Banks Administration

Second Party


Both parties
Diwan Bayt al-Mal
Relevant Directorate
Overseeing Diwan

[Comment: this document is an important illustration of the early days of Islamic State administration in Mosul whereby the Iraqi state continued to pay the salaries of employees of various state directorates that had officially come under the oversight of the Islamic State’s Diwans (departments). The salaries were supposed to be disbursed to the employees of a given directorate on a monthly basis through a representative working by agreement with the Islamic State’s Bayt al-Mal (treasury department) and the Bayt al-Mal would take a 3% cut from the total sum of the salaries of the employees of said directorate, as this document illustrates. A deduction was also made to take into account Zakat taxation where necessary. I presume the reference here to the Diwan al-Hisba and its directives is on account of the department’s general role in ‘due diligence.’

The Iraqi state’s logic was to try to maintain influence in Islamic State-held areas through paying the salaries, but for the Islamic State it was doubly advantageous in allowing for an extra form of income and relieving it of the burden of having to pay employees under the oversight of its Diwans. This arrangement stalled and came to a definitive end by mid to late 2015.

It should also be noted here that while the treasury department had an ‘Islamic Banks Administration,’ no definitive evidence has emerged to show that the Islamic State seized all the money that was present in the Iraqi banks in Mosul and other areas. While there is no doubt that the Islamic State seized the assets and properties of ‘apostates’ (individuals and government entities), ‘disbelievers’ with no right to a pact with Islamic State and people who fled its territories, it did not apply such an approach to the wider population in its areas of control as the population was deemed to be Muslim and the Islamic State opposed general takfir of that population].

Sample Islamic State Weekly Hisba Report

Islamic State
Caliphate on the Prophetic Methodology
Wilayat al-Baraka

28 Rabi’ al-Awal 1436 AH

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Hisba of al-Shaddadi

Weekly report

Praise be to God the Lord of the Worlds and God’s blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and all his family and companions.

As for what follows: this is the fourth weekly report for the month of Rabi’ al-Awal 1436 AH for the Hisba in al-Shaddadi compromising the following reports:

– The weekly report for the works of the Hisba in total
– The weekly report for the patrols
– The weekly report for the detained
– The weekly report for the cases

The report for the fourth week of the Hisba of al-Shaddadi

Praise be to God the Lord of the Worlds and God’s blessings be upon the one after whom there is no prophet.

As for what follows: this is the fourth weekly report for the works of the brothers in the Hisba of al-Shaddadi we mention as follows:

1. All the students who are studying in the areas of the kuffar, whether they study law or other subjects, have been barred from the branches and that has been done in coordination with the brothers in the checkpoints as the brothers have detained them and taken from them the IDs and papers by which they cross to the abode of kufr. And when they came to the Hisba centre it was made clear to them the Shari’i prohibition in this matter. And we sought the repentance of those who deemed good and were pleased with the branch of rights (law) then we subjected them to a Shari’i seession for two weeks and all that was after tearing up these IDs and papers.

2. We brought together owners of sheep against whom we have received more than one complaint regarding eating the goods of the people (of the merchants and others besides them) so they were summoned and brought to the Hisba centre to interrogate them and get to know who is causing the harm to the people. And they were subjected to a Shari’i session.

3. Continuing the Shari’i sessions for the detained in the al-Khulafa’ mosque in the morning and evening as the total number reaches around 100 days. And a Shari’i session inside the centre concerned with cigarette dealers and cases of idolatry and other cases that require an indoor session.

4. We brought together those who work in exchange and transfer of currencies and sale of gold as we listened to the means by which they sell and made clear to them some of the prohibited things into which they fall and we gave them some guidance directives.

5. Continuing the foot patrols inside the market to oversee the violators in placing prices on the goods and the photos present on the goods and the barber shops in not shaving the beard and not limiting it, as well as the tailors whom we have prohibited from tailoring clothes of women, and the doctors whom we have asked to distinguish between the places of the women and men and other professionals.

6. A number of people and cases were referred to areas affiliated with al-Baraka and outside the wilaya as these detained people are near those areas.

7. Dens for cigarettes were raided and a large quantity of them were received from the checkpoints.

8. Regarding the external patrols the brothers went this week to the northwest line as the work required from them was to bring together the people in the mosque and order them to undertake prayer in the mosques and oblige their families with the Shari’i hijab and abstinence, then to take the people in their entirety to the graves to level them and remove all signs of idolatry while giving them a deadline as they would return to inspect the state of the village and take the IDs of the violators. And these villages are:

Tarambat al-Rafi’, al-Atala, Jarmaz, Hajiz Abyad, Tarambat al-Rafi’, Tarambat al-Rashid, Zayn al-Mbraj, Nasiri, Toweinat, Albuhamdan, Albusheikh, Abyad, Makhrum, Ayn al-Hara, Abdan, Ba’aja, Abu Fas, al-Nuriya, al-Madba’a, Kharbat Ism.

9. Regarding the internal patrols the brothers undertook Hisba work in the neighbourhoods, brought the IDs or violator persons, gave a summons request to the owners of the houses and shops committing violations, facilitated the passing of people on the route, brought the IDs and goods and persons from the checkpoints of al-Shaddadi, called on the people to pray in the mosques, and brought whosoever refrained from praying or his ID.

10. After the sermon address of the brothers on Friday- this week was on compensation- a speech was given to the people about the danger of the elevated graves to Tawheed. Then we asked them all to go with us to the graveyard to level it so all should participate in destroying, levelling and removing these condemned acts, and praise be to God.

11. Continuing the Shari’i courses for the professionals as a lecture was given on Monday to the merchants of ‘Arisha and ‘Atala and on Tuesday to the photographers and on Wednesday to transporters and on Saturday to the merchants of al-Shaddadi and on Sunday to the doctors, pharmacists and vaccinators.