Warning military personnel not to mock those assigned to non-military roles

Islamic State
Wilayat Halab

No.: 7-3-h
Date: 23 Dhu al-Q’ida 1436 AH corresponding to 7 September 2015 CE

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Statement on warning against mockery of those the Imam has held back from mobilisation

Praise be to God alone who gives victory to His servant, makes mighty His soldiery, lowers disbelief and its party and has established the Caliphate through those who love God and are loved by Him, and prayers and peace be upon the one to whom God brought joy and whose status He elevated, while bringing humiliation and lowliness on those who contravened his command.

As for what follows:

The greatest thing that the one who hopes to meet his Lord fears for Himself is that his heart should be afflicted with a disease such that he should possess what is of the characteristics of the hypocrites while not realising it, and he should incur anger from God from where he does not realise. The most ugly aspect of this is ghurur, which makes man slander the monotheists and disparage them. God Almighty says: “Those who defame those of the believers who generously give charity and make a mockery of those who do not find anything besides what little they have to give: God will make a mockery of them, and for them is a painful torment.” The consequence after that is the futility of one’s work, the loss of one’s blessing, the coming down of God’s anger upon that person, and as such that person is subsequently not successful and is not granted success in his jihad at all.

This reminder has been written because of the apparent behaviour of some of those claiming affiliation with jihad and its people and reckoning themselves to be safe of Satan’s entrances and windows, as they have assumed that they are in God’s eyes among the best of His servants and the retinue of His allies. As such they have disparaged the works of their brother around them, so made light of the affair of the Hisba and the Hisba personnel or mocked those calling to God and the teachers assigned by the imam of the Muslims for these works in order to realise the intentions of the Caliphate and to obey Gd’s command to establish the religion through jihad and da’wa for God on the basis of insight. Indeed they have thought that the Shari’i works and undertaking the affairs of the citizens are only suitable for those content with sitting back and preferring ease and indifference to the toil of ribat and fighting. Indeed their disparaging of their brothers has got to the point of disparaging and belittling their works, which put those people in the position of mocking what is part of God’s religion.

So out of concern for the religion of our brothers and the soundness of their hearts and in order to prevent their deeds from losing their good aspects or becoming futile, may the soldiers hold back their tongues, for the one upon whom be prayers and peace said: “The man who says a word that incurs God’s anger and does not take it seriously will be thrown into in the fire for 70 years.” He (prayers and peace be upon him) also said: “Are people thrown prostrate in Hellfire for anything except the harvests of their tongues?”

The guarantee of Paradise and profit of the transaction is in keeping your mouthes away from saying falsehood and what God has forbidden. He (prayers and peace be upon him) said: “He who guarantees for me what is between his jaws and what is between his thighs, I will guarantee Paradise for him.”

Islamic State
Wilayat Halab
Deputy wali

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