Hisba Personnel and Jobs in Southern Ninawa Province (2014)

Islamic State
Caliphate on the Prophetic Methodology
Diwan al-Hisba
Wilayat Ninawa/Southern Centre


Date: / /1436 AH ( / /2014 CE)

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

NumberThree-fold nameArea of workSectorNotes
1Hamad Huwaidi MuhammadHead of the Diwan al-Hisbaal-Shura 
2Bassam Mohsen NajamDeputy head of the Hisbaal-Shura 
3Khalil Ibrahim HassanShari’i overvieweral-Shura 
4Ra’ad Abid AbdullahAdministrative official of the Hisbaal-Shura 
5Hussein Hassan YaseenDetachments commanderal-Shura 
6Yaseen Faraj AhmadNotifications receiveral-Shura 
7Wadah Aboud NajamPatrol detachmentsal-Shura 
8Ali Muhammad SuleimanPatrol detachmentsal-Shura 
9Abd al-Wahhab Mohsen NajamPatrol detachmentsal-Shura 
10Dayan Fathi SuleimanPatrol detachmentsal-Shura 
11Salim Hussein IbrahimPatrol detachmentsal-Shura 
12Emad Abdullah AhmadPatrol detachmentsal-Shura 
13Abd al-Man’am Muhammad HuwaidiAdministrative officialal-Shura 
14Ahmad Fawzi MuhammadHead of the Hisba of HamamHamam al-Alil 
15Arif Jasim MahmoudDeputy head of the HisbaHamam al-Alil 
16Ammar Ahmad HamidAdministrative officialHamam al-Alil 
17Ali Mustafa SuleimanSecretaryHamam al-Alil 
18Hassan Ali AwadReceiver of complaintsHamam al-Alil 
19Ahmad Salah KhalafDetachment commanderHamam al-Alil 
20Barzan Jihad KhalafDetachment commanderHamam al-Alil 
21Ahmad Abdullah FathiPatrolHamam al-Alil 
22Hussein Ali KhalafPatrolHamam al-Alil 
23Khalid Abd al-Aziz RamadanPatrolHamam al-Alil 
24Khalid Abd MuhammadPatrolHamam al-Alil 
25Sa’ad Ahmad YunisGuarding the gate of the DiwanHamam al-Alil 
26Sayf Saleh HusseinPatrolHamam al-Alil 
27Ammar Ibrahim JasimPatrolHamam al-Alil 

[Comment: compare with documents from 2014 on the structure of the Hisba].

Forgery: List of individuals purportedly wanted by Islamic State

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful, and prayers and peace be upon the most noble of the creation of God- Muhammad bin Abdullah- and on all his family and companions.

Statement issued by the Islamic State with the names of some of the traitor collaborators with the Assad regime and to the SDF forces.

1. [list of names redacted]

2. [redacted] assistant in the police.

3. [list of names redacted].

And we have not wronged them for they were wronging themselves.

Date of this statement: 3 Sha’aban Hijri 1442.

[Islamic State stamp on left-hand side].

[Comment: this document, published in the outlet Jesr Press, is a very poor forgery created electronically with an unclear copy of an Islamic State stamp inserted on the side. Besides the unusual opening (it is more usual to say ‘praise be to God’ before saying ‘and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God…’), there are also crude spelling errors, such as spelling the Islamic State’s name with ha letters where ta marbutas should be used and spelling the forms of the verb ظلم incorrectly].

The Personnel of the Omar bin al-Khattab Battalion: West Mosul

Those working in the Omar bin al-Khattab Battalion (may God be pleased with him)

Date of inventory: 17 Sha’ban [?] 1438 AH

No.Four-fold name and surnameKunyaSurvey numberNotes
1Aamer Jum’a Mahmoud Kurdi al-HamdaniAbu Khalid Kuwaiyani Military official of the battalion
2Adnan Abdullah Ashkar Abd al-MatyutiAbu Abdullah1,180,011,672Administrative official of the Omar bin al-Khattab Battalion/inside
3Ragheb Muhammad Hussein Alawi al-BadraniAbu Ahmad Nasij1,170,023,491Use/inside
4Ali Saleh Muhammad Ali al-JuburiAbu Hassan1,190,010,071Personnel of the battalion
5Muhammad Thamer Tadhmir Mahmoud al-MashhadaniAbu Maryam1,170,018,871Shari’i official of the battalion
6Khidhr Ismail Khidr Na’amo al-QuraishiAbu Sayf Shu’un1,180,012,612Affairs of the battalion
7Bashar Hadi Muhammad Hassan al-ObeidiAbu Ishaq1,170,018,015Nurse/affairs of the wounded/hospital
8Muhamamd Abd al-Karim Muhammad Yunis al-Sha’abaniAbu al-Hur1,170,029,033Trustee of storage
9Ali Muhammad Suleiman Tahir al-JuburiAbu Sidra1,200,025,607Oil matters
10Muhammad Salah Ali Faraj al-JuburiAbu Ruqayya1,200,023,835Oil matters
11Ahmad Muhammad Hassan Alaiwi al-HadidiAbu Sajjad1,170,010,596Battalion workshop
12Naseef Jasim Muhammad Hassan al-AzzawiAbu Anas al-Shami1,000,013,721Affairs inside
13Hamoud Ahmad Abdullah Sabi’i al-JuburiAbu Nizar1,170,013,795General Military Police/outside
14Nadhem Hamdi Saleh Omar al-JuhaishiAbu Naser1,180,011,290General Military Police/outside
15Ahmad Eisa Muhammad Dawud al-HamdaniAbu Osama1,170,016,811Amir of the central kitchen
16Abdullah Omar Hamadi Eisa al-Sab’awiAbu Omar1,000,013,622Central kitchen/cook
17Hamed Dawud Suleiman Hussein al-MawlaDad Allah1,170,014,250Central kitchen/cook
18Muhammad Khalil Bakr Hussein al-NasiriAbu Qasim1,150,010,609Central kitchen/cleaning services
19Haitham Yunis Mari’i Hassan al-HamdaniAbu Hussein1,170,012,157Water transporter/mobile
20Ali Mahmoud Yaseen Hamdi al-JuburiAbu Karar1,170,018,921Kitchen storage
21Sa’ad Hamad Muhammad Ali al-HadidiAbu Sa’oud1,000,011,171Central kitchen
22Abdullah Abd al-Haleem Muhammad Saleh al-RahawiAbu Abada1,200,028,791Medical personnel
23Maitham Ali Hussein Ahmad al-JuburiAbu Ali1,190,015,127Medical personnel
24Yusuf Ahmad Dhanun Yunis al-Ta’iAbu Abd al-Rahman1,200,024,888Fighter/Air Defence
25Mahmoud Sami Mahmoud Qasim al-Ta’iAbu Abdullah1,180,011,548Fighter/Air Defence
26Mazen Mahmoud Qadir Khalaf al-ObeidiAbu Zainab1,170,017,186Fighter/Air Defence
27Rakan Nadhem Muhammad Qasim al-JuhaishiAbu Dafan1,200,015,889Fighter/Air Defence
28Ali Hazem Muhammad Dhanun al-ObeidiAbu Muslim1,200,025,628Fighter/Air Defence
29Abd al-Kareem Hussein Muhammad Mahmoud al-JuburiAbu Anas1,190,018,246Fighter/Air Defence
30Shaker Mahmoud Ali Hussein al-RashidiAbu Ayad1,200,016,748Fighter/Air Defence
31Hassan Abd al-Kareem Hussein Shahada al-Nu’aimiAbu Mustafa1,170,010,964Fighter/Air Defence
32Saleh Adham Anwairan Shaher al-HadidiAbu Muhammad1,170,027,494Fighter/Air Defence
33Basim Muhammad Mughir Khalaf al-JanabiAbu Abd al-Rahman1,190,017,791Fighter/Air Defence
34Nahel Khidhr Idriss Saleh al-JuburiAbu Abd al-Rahman1,170,011,863Fighter/Air Defence
35Abdullah Khalid Ghazi Abdullah al-JuheishiSalman1,000,012,526Fighter/Air Defence
36Muhannad Ahmad Khudhair Suleiman al-SuweidawiAbu Omar1,180,015,558Connections/inside
37Hussein Jabbar Kadhim Ramidh al-BayatiAbu Bakr1,170,017,124Connections/inside
38Muhammad Suhail Najm Abdullah al-JuburiAbu Abdullah1,200,027,516Connections transporter/inside
39Muthanna Muhammad Sa’adoun Matroud al-OweisiAbu Abdullah Field transporter
40Hazem Mahmoud Muhammad Farhan al-HadidiAbu Qasim1,170,014,577Field transporter
41Muhammad Khalil Hassan Ali al-JuburiAbu Ibrahim1,170,011,283Sentinel/inside
42Ali Mahmoud Muhammad Abd al-Razzaq al-JuburiAbu Okasha1,170,027,196Shari’i official/inside
43Omar Khalid Miraz Amur [?] al-KuwaiyaniAbu Asem1,170,014,675Shari’i official/inside
44Nashwan Ahmad Shihab Ahmad al-JuburiAbu Ghayth1,190,019,660Shari’i official/inside
45Muhammad Rumi Muhammad Hamadi al-AnaziAbu Mustafa1,170,027,211Shari’i official/inside
46Ahmad Saleh Hassan Majeed al-JuburiAbu Jameela1,170,010,582Intelligence/inside
47Fatah Allah Kadhem Muhammad al-Douri al-HamdaniAbu Shaham1,170,016,501Intelligence/inside
48Ahmad Riyadh Muhammad al-MaqalliAbu Ibrahim1,000,013,727Relief transporter
49Ali Hassan Jawad Hameed al-Haiza’iAbu Hussein1,200,025,630Sentinel/inside
50Saleh Ali Hamada Abd al-Lateed al-BadraniAbu Anas Sentinel/inside
51Ahmad Riyadh Muhammad Thamer al-Mla’aliAbu Ibrahim1,000,013,727Sentinel/inside
52Laith Waleed Badran Muhammad al-LahibiAbu Nuraiya1,170,024,677Sentinel/inside
53Ali Huwaidi Muhammad Huwaidi al-JuburiAbu Zayd1,170,021,530Sentinel/inside
54Muwafiq Ahmad Muhammad Awad al-Sab’awiAbu Ayyub1,200,016,835Sentinel/inside
55Omar Muhammad Thabat Abdullah al-ObeidiAbu Hafs1,170,025,766Sentinel/inside
56Omar Yunis Kamthan Fathi al-ObeidiAbu Sa’af1,170,024,590Sentinel/inside
57Salim Abdullah Ahmad Ali al-JuburiAbu Ahmad1,170,018,913Sentinel/inside
58Rasheed Ibrahim Ajaj Hameed al-JuburiAbu Mus’ab1,170,018,910Sentinel/inside
59Ahmad Ali Sa’id Hameed al-JuburiAbu Adnan1,170,018,916Sentinel/inside
60Ra’id Ayed Ahmad Saleh al-JuburiAbu Ayman1,170,018,465Sentinel/inside
61Muhsin Khidhr Muhammad Fadhil al-JuburiAbu Abd1,190,016,378Sentinel/inside
62Muhammad Mahmoud Saleh Khidhr al-Sab’awiAbu Ammar1,190,018,096Sentinel/inside
63Rahid Ahmad Antar Hamad al-HamdaniAbu Zakariya1,000,012,222Sentinel/inside
64Hassani Salim Jasim Ab’eiran al-JanabiAbu Suleiman BaijiFrom the specialSentinel/inside
65Ahmad Abd al-Hakeem Abdullah Hussein al-Sumaida’iAbu Dhir1,150,015,325Sentinel/inside
66Hayder Arid Muhammad Sa’id Fandi al-DulaimiAbu Sariya Sentinel/inside
67Sa’ad Muhammad Khidhr Mustafa al-LahibiAbu Sa’id1,200,028,794Sentinel/inside
68Abdullah Bashar Ibrahim al-Ta’iAbu Layth Sentinel/inside
69Yusuf Ahmad Khalaf Saluh al-Sab’awiAbu Mus’ab1,000,011,540Sentinel/inside
70Hussein Emad Ali Hussein al-Sab’awiAbu Zayd Sentinel/inside
71Abd Muhammad Khaleef Jarkha al-BadraniAbu Suhayb1,160,023,716Sentinel/inside
72Ammar Mahdi Ali Obeid al-BadraniAbu Rawaha1,200,023,827Sentinel/inside
73Qahtan Idrees Sa’ad Allah Thabat al-AbdullahAbu Talha1,200,021,749Sentinel/inside
74Rayan Ghanim Mahmoud Afas al-AhmadiAbu Sara1,200,023,839Sentinel/inside
75Jamal Sufyan Khalaf Ahmad al-JughaifiAbu Sufyan7-391-665-078Sentinel/inside
76Ameen Munir Sabah Abd al-Nu’aimiAbu Sadiq1,000,013,698Sentinel/inside
77Abd al-Muhaimin Muhammad Qasim Muhammad al-HamdaniAbu Zahra’ Sentinel/inside
78Ala’ Abdullah Jum’a Hamadi al-BadraniAbu Osama1,000,013,757Sentinel/inside
79Abd al-Ghafur Sultan Abdullah al-Ali al-HadidiAbu Abdullah1,000,012,820Sentinel/inside
80Khayr Allah Hussein Hassan Mua’ed al-JughaifiAbu Omar1,170,013,502Sentinel/inside
81Fadhil Bdaiwi Munawir Hussein al-HadidiAbu Ahmad1,170,220,936Sentinel/inside
82Abd al-Rahman Hamid Matar Jalud al-JuburiAbu Anas Sentinel/inside
83Ahmad Abd al-Kareem Hussein Obeid al-JuburiAbu al-Ayna’1,170,014,457Sentinel/inside
84Hassan Mahmoud Hassan Hamadi al-HadidiAbu Sa’ad1,200,016,983Sentinel/inside
85Rafi’ Ali Ramadan Hameed al-AkeediAbu Izz al-Din Sentinel/inside
86Shahir Ghanim Salim Sultan al-BadraniAbu Abdullah Sentinel/inside
87Ghanam Rafi’ Ali Ramadan al-AkeediAbu SayfMunasirSentinel/inside
88Nur al-Din Idris Abd al-Qadir Othman al-QassabAbu Fatima1,000,013,803Sentinel/inside
89Muhammad Kamil Ramadan Hamad al-JuburiAbu Abd al-Ghanni Sentinel/inside
90Abd al-Wahhab Muhammad Bdaiwi Munawir al-HadidiAbu MustafaMunasirSentinel/inside
91Lazim Awad Dhiyab Munawir al-HadidiAbu OmarMunasirSentinel/inside
92Nouri Nayed Sharif Fariq al-BaijawaniAbu Abd al-Rahman1,170,026,458Sentinel/inside
93Arif Abd al-Razzaq Hassan Ali al-DulaimiQa’qa’1,200,027,347Sentinel/inside
94Akram Muhammad Khudhair Hussein al-HadidiAbu Omar1-421-376-671Sentinel/inside
95Mahmoud Hassan Ahmad Dalli al-JuburiAbu AliMunasirSentinel/inside
96Shaja’ Muhammad Hameed Hussein al-MashhadaniAbu Isra’ Sentinel/inside
97Mahmoud Ayed Maz’al Ahmad al-AkeediAbu Sayf1,190,014,166Sentinel/inside
98Abd al-Muhsin Mahmoud Hassan Ata Allah al-BadraniAbu al-Zubair1,190,020,396Sentinel/inside
99Muhammad Mahmoud Muhammad Aboush al-JuburiAbu Anas1,170,026,232Sentinel/inside
100Abd al-Basit Rasheed Suleiman Abdullah al-JuburiAbu Rashid1,190,013,550Sentinel/inside
101Sakr Hassan Khidhr Hassan al-AkeediAbu Omar1,170,026,232Sentinel/inside
102Muhammad Basheer Muhammad Ahmad al-JuburiAbu al-Bara’1,200,024,901Sentinel/inside
103Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad al-MuhammadAbu Dujana al-Shami Sentinel/inside
104Hakam Ali Mahmoud Ali al-BadraniAbu AbdullahMunasirSentinel/inside
105Muhammad Aamer Abd al-Qadir Dhanun al-ObeidiTalha Sentinel/inside
106Ahmad Awda Munawir Hussein al-HadidiAbu OthmanMunasirSentinel/inside
107Hani Abd al-Razzaq Zhahir al-Nu’aimiAbu A’isha al-Shami Sentinel/on leave
108Yahya Kurdi Fahad Attiyah al-JuburiAbu Suleiman Sentinel/on leave
109Suhayb Abd al-Jabbar Ali Hussein al-HamdaniAbu Abd al-Jabbar1,200,023,822Sentinel/on leave
110Abd al-Kareem Maysar Salim Khalil al-ObeidiAbu Ja’afar1,170,015,532Sentinel/on leave
111Ahmad Hameed Muhammad Hameed al-BadraniAbu Suhayb1,200,028,819Sentinel/on leave
112Abdullah Ahmad Rafi’ KhalidAbu A’isha al-Shami Sentinel/on leave
113Radhwan Mahall Hassan Hameed al-BadraniAbu Nur1,200,028,495Sentinel/on leave
114Ahmad Kareem Muhammad Sultan al-MawaliAbu Abdullah Kokjali1,170,010,592Sentinel/on leave
115Ziyad Bakr Muhammad Bakr al-FarhatAbu A’isha Sentinel/on leave
116Abd al-Hameed Muhammad Jasim Khalifa Albu DabashAbu Bara’ al-Shami Sentinel/on leave
117Abdullah Ahmad Ramadan Sultan al-HamdaniAbu Sariya1,120,017,993Sentinel/on leave
118Saleh Ahmad Mahmoud Majeed al-JuburiAbu Haydar8-089-987-299Sentinel/on leave
119Sufyan Dhanun Muhammad Khaleef al-BadraniAbu A’isha1,170,012,483Sentinel/on leave
120Mujahid Khalid Mansur Salman al-BuhairiAbu Khalid al-JazrawiGeneral AdministrationSentinel/on leave
121Zaydan Khalaf Obeid Jasim al-BadraniAbu Ruqayya1,170,028,038Sentinel/on leave
122Muhammad Kamil RamadanAbu Abd al-Ghanni Sentinel/on leave
123Jasim Habeeb Faraj Muhammad al-Sab’awiAbu Abd1,170,018,872Sentinel/on leave
124Saddam Hussein Saleh Khidhr al-Sab’awiAbu Karam1,190,018,011Sentinel/on leave
125Qutaiba Kurdi Ahmad Saleh al-JumailiAbu Muslim1,190,019,419Sentinel/on leave
126Sa’ad Tariq Jarjis Muhammad al-BadraniAbu al-Qa’qa’ Sentinel/on leave
127Fadhil Suleiman Hamoudi Dhiyab al-Ta’iAbu Osaid Sentinel/on leave
128Muhammad Eisa Ahmad Abd al-JuhaishiAbu Aman1,170,022,749Sentinel/on leave
129Ahmad Sultan Manzal Arghiyan al-ObeidiAbu Omar al-Khashan1,170,011,285Sentinel/on leave
130Dergham Ibrahim Dhanun Abd al-MawlaAbu Basman8,295,318,470Sentinel/on leave
131Ahmad Muhammad Yunis Ahmad al-HarbawiIbrahim1,170,023,201Sentinel/on leave
132Abd al-Hadi Muhammad Yunis isma’il al-AnaziAbu As’ad1,000,013,615Sentinel/on leave
133Ahmad Dhanun Abdullah Madid al-BadraniAbu Muslim1,200,028,820Sentinel/on leave
134Abdullah Abd al-Sattar Abdullah Mahmoud al-JuhaishiAbu Ahmad1,200,020,234Sentinel/on leave
135Khalid Fathi Ahmad Hamoud al-DulaimiAbu Abd[.],[…], 013,233[not visible]
136Ghanim Abd Fathi Ali al-BadraniAbu OthmanMunasir[not visible]
137Ibrahim Khalil Muhammad Atiyah al-JuburiAbu Mua’tasim[.],[…],013,787[not visible]
138Hameed Omar Dakheel Dhal’an al-JuburiAbu Omar[.],[…],010,052[not visible]
139Ali Muhammad Abdullah Yunis al-Ta’iAbd al-Haqq [not visible]
140Mustafa Muhammad al-Muhammad DadaAbu Islam al-Manbaji [not visible]
141Bassam Ahmad Mustafa Sa’ad al-JuburiAbu Muhammad[.],[…],011,882[not visible]

[Stamp on each page except the last one]:

Islamic State
Diwan al-Jund
Right-side of Mosul Sector [i.e. west Mosul]

[on the second page a fuller version of the stamp appears that seems to show the stamp of the administrative official of the battalion].

[in writing at end of table]:

Sha’alan Ahmad Khidhr Yusuf al-Juhaishi: Abu Karar, battalion in battalion [?…]

Hamoud Ayid Maz’al Ahmad al-Alidi [?]; Abu Sayf, Omar battalion, the brother [not visible…]


[Comment: Note that in the above translation, any parenthetical insertions in square brackets are my own. These documents provide a useful overview of a battalion of the Islamic State’s forces in the west Mosul, appearing to date from May 2017 not long before the conclusion of the battle of Mosul. Personnel in the battalion can take on a variety of functions: some function as kitchen staff, others take on a Shari’i function, but the majority are sentinels (called ‘murabiteen’ in Arabic: i.e. they man the front-lines). It is also worth noting the survey number, a system of marking formal members who have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, as opposed to the ‘munasir’ (‘supporter’) who is of a different category. The survey number generally takes the form of A,BCD,EFG,HIJ. Normally, A is 1, B and C are treated as one number ranging from 00 to 20, D and E are both 0, and the remaining digits appear to be variable. For example:


From this list, by far the most prevalent combination is 1,17 for A,BC. This suggests that that combination is particular to personnel registered in the Ninawa wilaya of the Islamic State. As for combination 1,19, I have observed it for personnel lists from Qayyara (which came under the ‘Dijla wilaya’ of the Islamic State), suggesting it is particular to personnel registered in that wilaya.

An analysis of the names shows the overwhelming majority of personnel in the battalion are Iraqis. I count five personnel with the name ‘Shami’ in their kunyas suggesting they are Syrians originally (most likely) or from the greater Levant. One fighter has ‘Manbiji’ as part of his kunya suggesting he is from Manbij in Aleppo province. Only one fighter in the battalion appears to have a kunya suggesting he is from outside Iraq and the Levant: namely, Abu Khalid al-Jazrawi, whose kunya suggests he is from Saudi Arabia].

Circular from Palmyra Area (14)

Islamic State
Wilayat Homs

No. 14
Date: 13 Sha’aban 1436 AH [sic]

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

To the mujahideen brothers in Wilayat Homs (may God protect them and make right their opinion and shot).

We inform you of the preparation of a soldiers transport office equipped with the latest modern and air-conditioned vans, with a daily journey from Palmyra to Raqqa and a journey vice-versa.

Dates of journies:

Palmyra-Sukhna-Mansura-Raqqa: 9 a.m. every day.

Setting-out centre (Ma’lum lil-Hajiz al-Sharqi) or contact by analogue device the brother Qasura who is responsible for the transportation of soldiers.

Raqqa-Mansura-Sukhna-Palmyra: 9 a.m.

Setting-out centre (Ma’lum lil-Sifara).

Note: we ask our brothers to comply with the dates because the journey will proceed at its set time by the permission of God Almighty.

And God is the guarantor of success.


Islamic State
Wilayat Homs
Deputy wali

[In writing: Abu Mus’ab]

General Administrative Official

Islamic State [stamp partially obscured]

[In writing: Abu Hamza al-Shami]

Circular from Palmyra Area (6)

Islamic State
Wilayat Homs

No. 6
Date: 28 Sha’aban 1436 AH

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


All Diwans and sectors must not change the administrative official of the centre except after referral of a letter to the general administrative official in order to inform him before leaving work. That is so in order to settle his financial obligation and in order for him to hand over the pledge that he received from the General Administration.

And may God reward you best.

General Administrative Official

Abu Hamza al-Shami

Islamic State
Wilayat Homs
General Administrative Official.

Circular on Antiquities Excavation

Islamic State
Date: 18 Dhu al-Q’ida 1435 AH [13 September 2014 CE].

General Committee

Number: 5

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Praise be to God and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God, his family, companions and whoso is loyal to him. As for what follows:

Administrative order no. 5

It is not allowed for any brother in the Islamic State to excavate antiquities or give permission to anyone from the general mass of the people without taking a permission stamped by the Diwan al-Rikaz wa al-Ma’adan- Antiquities Division.

And any assignment or permission granted by anyone previously to any side, whatever his source, is considered annulled. And the one who has said assignment or permission must go and see the Diwan al-Rikaz- Antiquities Division to obtain a replacement.

And all whose violation of this order from the date of this document is proven will be considered as disobeying the order and will be punished according to what the Shari’i court decides.

And may God reward you best.

Islamic State
General Supervisory Committee.

General Supervisory Committee

Circular from Palmyra Area (4)

Islamic State
Wilayat Homs

No. 4
Date: 28 Sha’aban 1436 AH

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


After directive of the General Supervisory Committee to all the sectors and diwans affiliated with the General Administration, we inform you that work begins from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.

And this decision is suspended in cases of mobilisation by order from the wali or the military amir.

And God is the guarantor of success.

General Administrative Official

Abu Hamza al-Shami

Islamic State
Wilayat Homs
General Administrative Official

Instructions on collection of Zakat: Wilayat Halab

Islamic State
Wilayat Halab
Zakat and Sadaqat Centre

Circular number: 26

Date: 2 Jumada al-Thani 1437 AH [11 March 2016 CE]

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

To the farmer brothers and owners of harvesters and threshers:

We ask you to adhere to the following instructions:

1. Cooperation with the committees assigned by the Zakat and Sadaqat offices and receiving the forms particular to the harvesting of agricultural crops.

2. Filling the form with the required information without manipulation or concealment.

3. Handing over the form to the Zakat workers when requested without obstruction.

4. We note that it is forbidden for any harvester or thresher owner to harvest any land before it is confirmed that the owner of the land possesses a stamped form from the Zakat office.

5. We ask our people in the countryside areas to cooperate with the Zakat offices on account of the benefit it entails for the Muslims and preservation of the right of their poor brothers from Zakat, and they should inform on all who refrain from fulfilling the obligation of Zakat for any harvester owner harvesting for those who do not have harvesting forms.

6. All who violate these instructions will be referred to the court to be dealt with.

We hope all will adhere to and comply with the instructions and contribute to establishing one of the pillars of the religion.

Islamic Sate
Diwan al-Zakat Official
Wilayat Halab

Abu Qatada al-Shami.

Form to collect Zakat: Wilayat Halab

Islamic State

Wilayat Halab
Zakat and Sadaqat Centre

Zakat Office of:

Form for collection of Zakat

Serial number



TypeNumberDate of yearExtent requiring to be taken outFinancial valyeNotes

2. Grains and fruits

TypeAreaHarvest seasonTotal cropMeans of wateringExtent requiring to be taken outFinancial value

3. The two coins

Type NumberDate of yearExtent requiring to be taken outFinancial valueNotes
Paper money     
Trade offers     


Signature of owner of wealth:

Signature of collector:

Date: / / AH;  / / CE

Diwan Bayt al-Mal: Banks Administration Contract for Disbursement of Salaries

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Islamic State
Caliphate on the Prophetic Methodology
Diwan Bayt al-Mal
Banks Administration

Contract number:

Date: / /1436 AH
/ /2014 CE

Number of pages:

Contract for disbursement of salaries of employees

It has been agreed between the the first party (the Islamic Banks Administration) and the second party ( ), that the second party should be authorised to disburse the salaries of ( ) and the total sum of the salaries is ( ) in writing ( ).

And that is so after his agreement to the agreed upon conditions that are as follows:

1. 3% is to be deducted from the total of the salaries of the directorate and that deducted sum is to go to the first party. This is in order to cover the costs of the contracts and other expenditures.

2. The sums that result from the process of transfer of the salaries in dollars are to be divided equally between the two parties.

3. The percentage sum [of deduction] is to be deposited in the account of the ‘Banks Administration’ in al-Rasheed Bank- Mosul 3, and there is to be receipt of a confirmation letter of the handing over of the sum to the Bank. And the second party is to hand it over to the Banks Committee that is present in al-Rasheed Bank in al-Dawasa in order to receive a cash receipt for the sum.

4. The sum is to be deposited before beginning the process of distributing the salaries to the employees on a monthly basis.

5. The handing over of the agreed 3% sum is to be in the form of dollars only.

6. The contract is not to be written until there is with the second party a ‘confirmation letter’ from the relevant directorate, stamped by the Diwan overseeing the directorate (agreement on receipt and distribution of the salaries of the employees) and in which the total of the salaries of the directorate is mentioned.

7. The second party must obtain a receipt from the Diwan al-Zakat.

8. Compliance with the instructions and directives of the Diwan al-Hisba.

9. In the event of the second party’s delay in handing over the salaries from their mutually acknowledged date, he is to present a notification of the reasons for the delay to the agent.

10. In the event of delay in work and not complying with the dates, the first party has the right to cancel the contract and inform the second party in writing.

And God is the guarantor of success.

First Party

Islamic Banks Administration

Second Party


Both parties
Diwan Bayt al-Mal
Relevant Directorate
Overseeing Diwan

[Comment: this document is an important illustration of the early days of Islamic State administration in Mosul whereby the Iraqi state continued to pay the salaries of employees of various state directorates that had officially come under the oversight of the Islamic State’s Diwans (departments). The salaries were supposed to be disbursed to the employees of a given directorate on a monthly basis through a representative working by agreement with the Islamic State’s Bayt al-Mal (treasury department) and the Bayt al-Mal would take a 3% cut from the total sum of the salaries of the employees of said directorate, as this document illustrates. A deduction was also made to take into account Zakat taxation where necessary. I presume the reference here to the Diwan al-Hisba and its directives is on account of the department’s general role in ‘due diligence.’

The Iraqi state’s logic was to try to maintain influence in Islamic State-held areas through paying the salaries, but for the Islamic State it was doubly advantageous in allowing for an extra form of income and relieving it of the burden of having to pay employees under the oversight of its Diwans. This arrangement stalled and came to a definitive end by mid to late 2015.

It should also be noted here that while the treasury department had an ‘Islamic Banks Administration,’ no definitive evidence has emerged to show that the Islamic State seized all the money that was present in the Iraqi banks in Mosul and other areas. While there is no doubt that the Islamic State seized the assets and properties of ‘apostates’ (individuals and government entities), ‘disbelievers’ with no right to a pact with Islamic State and people who fled its territories, it did not apply such an approach to the wider population in its areas of control as the population was deemed to be Muslim and the Islamic State opposed general takfir of that population].