Over the past few years, I collected thousands of internal Islamic State documents from the ground in Syria in particular. These documents capture what was likely a unique historical moment, when the Islamic State enjoyed the height of its success as a state project in the form of territorial control and governance in Iraq and Syria. For the purposes of the historical record, it is my aim to present the documents I collected to researchers and the wider public, complete with translations and analysis. I have always believed in transparently presenting the original source material (rather than presenting only select excerpts as often happens) so that readers can also form their own judgements and analyses.

Note: The majority of the documents that will be published here are in the form of scanned files. The originals are largely still in northern Syria. Hopefully one day, a facility could be created in Iraq or Syria to store the originals safely.

In order for me to maintain and continue this project, which requires considerable time for translation and analysis of the documents, I depend on you readers to make donations. Please consider making a donation at the link below.


For any queries, please email at ajaltamimi[at]jihadology.net