Temporary Agricultural Rent Contract (2)

Department of Agriculture and Livestock
Wilaya: Ninawa
Division: Lands


No. 1

Date: 16 Shawwal 1437 AH corresponding to 21 July 2016 CE.

Temporary rental contract

Contract no. 1
Agricultural centre of Wilayat Ninawa

Agricultural lands division, al-Sahel branch.
Sector: al-Hamdaniya
Renter’s name: Muhammad Abdullah Suleiman
ID no.: 0061516
Residential address: al-Hamdaniya
Phone no.:
Type of land: rain-fed agricultural
Located within the climatic zone of semi-arid.
Area: 5 (five dunams only).
Number and name of sector: 28/al-Ba’jah
Parcel number: part of 22.
Rental sum in numbers: 25000
In writing: Twenty-five thousand dinars.
And that will be done in paying in cash.
Purpose of renting the land: cultivating wheat and barley.
Name of the surveyor who outlined the land: Muwaffaq Sa’id Saleh.
Notes: date of end: 1 July 2017 CE.

Contract conditions:

1. It is completely forbidden to build on the land.
2. The tenant is not allowed to sublet the land and upon him fall all the Shari’i consequences.
3. The land is to be rented for one year.
4. The land is to be handed over after the end of the rental period.

Amir of the al-Sahel sector
Stamp and signature.

Name of contract organiser
Stamp and signature

Name of tenant: Muhammad Abdullah

Islamic State
Department of Agriculture and Livestock
Wilaya Ninawa Centre/Lands Division
al-Sahel Branch


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