Medical Report: Dijlah Province

Islamic State
Wilayat Dijlah

No. 90
Dae: 17 Rabi’ al-Awal

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Subject: medical report

Name: Muwaffaq Abd Jasim Muhammad
Age: 19 years old
Place of residence: Mosul/al-Ma’mun
Sector or diwan: Security/al-Hadhr
Speciality: soldier
The wilayas in which he has worked: Dijlah
Date of allegiance pledge: 2013
Receiver of the allegiance pledge: Mu’ayyad
His current work: military

Wounded with multiple shrapnel pieces in the body, healed without obstruction, and he is able to do military work and he desires to fight.

Islamic State
Diwan al-Siha
Wilayat Dijlah Centre


Amir of the Medical Department
15 [?] Rabi’ al-Awal
Dr. Muhannad

[In handwriting]: to be transferred to the military. 19 Rabi’ al-Awal

Islamic State
Wilayat Dijlah
The wali

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