Licensing Office for Possession of Personal Fire Arms

Islamic State
Security Office- al-Ra’i Sector

Wilayat Halab

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Licensing Office

To the people of the al-Ra’i sector- original inhabitants and IDPs- we inform you that an office has been opened for the licensing of weapons for a period of one month only, from date 19 Dhu al-Q’ida 1436 AH until date 19 Dhu al-Hijja 1436 AH, corresponding to 4 September 2015 CE until 4 October 2015 CE.

– The office is located in the locality of al-Ra’i next to the da’wa office.

– All whose weapons are not licensed during this period will have heir weapons confiscated.

– How to license: every person wanting to license any piece of weaponry must go to the office and take a paper form with the type and number of the weapon in order to bring the weapon to the office to license it.

It is completely forbidden to bring weapons outside the home under any circumstances. Every person caught carrying weapons outside the home will have the weapons confiscated, licensed or not.

We inform you that we may be forced to buy weapons of war from those who own them when security necessity arises.

Note 1: the licensing office includes every village in which the announcement has been placed.

For inquiry contact the following numbers:

05387034076 (Haydara al-Shami)
05366878159 (Abu Ali al-Abbas)

Fragmentary Security Report, al-Ra’i, Aleppo

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Islamic State
Wilayat Halab


Diwan al-Amn al-Aam
General Intelligence Administration

Date / /1436 AH

The individual: Hasan al-Shibli
The individual: Rabi’ al-Shibli

We were on patrol in the al-Ra’i area and these people were arrested because their names are among the names of wanted people and there is a third person called Ala’ al-Shibli now present in al-Bab.

Note: there’s a mistake in the name of Hasan al-Shibli. We asked him and his siblings. [They said that?] they were working in an iron factory.