Reminder on need for personnel to contract marriages in Islamic courts

Islamic State
Wilayat Halab

No. 966
Date: 13 Dhu al-Q’ida 1436 AH corresponding to 28 August 2015 CE

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The brothers/from the soldiers of the Islamic State in Wilayat Halab (may God protect them)

As-salam alaykum wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuhu

I ask God for this letter of mine to reach you while you are in the best state of health and wellness, and that He should make you among those who serve His religion, and that He should make Islam and Muslims benefit through you.

Taking note of letter 81 of the General Supervisory Committee dated 7 Dhu al-Q’ida 1436 AH that contains the following: “..The impact that the writing and notarisation of contracts has on stability of transactions in the Muslim society is no secret. Thus these contract and their notarisation- regardless of whether they are small or big- have been encouraged and emphasised. If this is the case for notarisation for the rest of the contracts, then notarisation of marriage contracts, which are the thick covenant through which the private parts become permissible, is of greater importance and emphasis than other contracts, especially if there is fear of loss of rights with lack of registration because of the large numbers of mujahideen brother who have been killed, which may lead to the loss of rights of their wives whose marriage contracts have not been notarised in the Islamic courts. This matter is confirmed in the case of the muhajirin among them. In order to prevent the possible consequences of lack of notarisation of contracts in terms of loss of rights of the wife, we direct for all the mujahidin brothers to be obliged to hurry to register marriage contracts in the Shari’i courts, and the one who refrains from doing will expose himself to accountability. This is so in addition to conducting the necessary tests before marriage to avoid transmission of contagious diseases and other diseases, in order to protect and maintain the Muslim society…”

So we hope you will review and implement this directive issued by the General Supervisory Committee.

May God reward you best.

Islamic State
Wilayat Halab
Deputy wali

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