Rental contract- Wilayat Halab

Islamic State
Wilayat Halab

Date: / / 143…AH corresponding to / /201…CE

Rent contract

First party:

ID no.

Second party:

ID no.

The two contracting parties have agreed on the following

The first party specifies the shop/residence belonging to him/her in Wilayat….sector….area…address

Info about the property being rented:

Period of rent:

Beginning from date….corresponding to….CE
Ending on date….corresponding to…CE

Rental fee in digits….in writing…..
The sum paid in digits….in writing….

The second party commits to paying the rental fee in its entirety.

The party renting out has the right to regain ownership of the shop/residence when the period specified in the rent contract ends, providing that the party gives the party renting it a week’s notice to evacuate the shop/residence.

The rental period is specified and when this specified period ends, the renting party is to return the shop/residence to the one renting out on the basis of the condition that it was in when this contract was agreed, and the expenses and receipts for water, electricity and services are to be met by the party renting.

The party renting is forbidden to rent it out to another, and if that happens, the rental contract is to be terminated before the end of the period and it is to be handed back to the party renting out.

– The two parties have come together on the aforementioned conditions and if any party violates the conditions, said party will be referred to the Islamic court.

Done on date….corresponding to…..

First party

Second party

First witness

Second witness

Public services centre

NB: This is not a rental contract in which the Islamic State rents out property it took or purchased, but rather a rental contract between two individuals/entities under the supervision of the Islamic State as the legal guarantor.


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