Islamic State Marriage Request Form for a Member

Islamic State
Wilayat Halab
Marriage Office

Date of submitting request: / / 1437 AH

Request no.: ( /)

Marriage request

Brother’s name: Ali al-Tab’ [?]
Brother’s nickname: Abu Munir Qabasin
Wilaya: Halab
Battalion or sector: Othman bin Affan
Original land of the brother: Qabasin
Brother’s age: 20 years old
Date of joining the Dawla: 10 Dhu al-Hijja 1436 AH [23 September 2015 CE]
Brother’s address:
No. of wives: x
Number of children incl. gender and age: x
Period of previous marriage: x
Is there a previous divorce? x
Are there disagreements with the first wife? x
Does the first wife know? x
Place where new wife lives: Qabasin
Reason for seeking marriage: Out of desire [/love]
Name of first person giving tazkiya: Abu Dhir al-Zaidi
Place of work: Othman bin Affan
His address: ‘Abad [village in the al-Bab area]
Name of second person giving tazkiya: Khattab Qabasin
Place of work: // //
His address: Qabasin
Do you have any wounds that affect you? No
Type of wound: None.
Do you have any chronic illnesses? No.
Type of illness: None.
Which languages do you speak? Arabic
Contact number: //
Age of the wife you desire: from 17 to 21
Virgin-Martyr’s Widow-Miscellaneous?
Muhajira/Ansariya? [i.e. foreigner/local?]
She has children/does not have children
Other conditions you want in the wife: That she should be just
Opinion of the marriage office official:
Response of the martyrs’ office official:
Response of the wali’s office:

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