Jaysh Khalid bin al-Waleed: Administrative Appointments (November 2017)

Jaysh Khalid bin al-Waleed
Oversight and Tracking

No. 12
Date: 22 Safr 1439 AH [11 November 2017 CE]

To the brothers in Jaysh Khalid bin al-Waleed (may God protect them)
As-salam alaykum wa rahma Allah wa barakatuhu

Subject: Circular

Praise be to God the Lord of the Worlds, and God’s peace and blessings be upon the seal of the prophets. As for what follows:

We inform you that the brother Abu Dujana al-Shami is appoined as official of the Yarmouk Basin sector.

And the brother Abu Hussein Nasiriya is appointed as general admin official for the Yarmouk Basin sector.

We thank the brothers who were appointed before them for what they offered to serve this religion and they will be transferred to the army to benefit from their skills.

We ask God to help us and you to obey you.

May God reward you best.

Jaysh Khalid bin al-Waleed
Oversight and Tracking

Abu Ibrahim al-Shami
22 Safr 1439 AH
[In handwriting]: Abu Ibrahim




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