Disbursements of Zakat for Debts: Ninawa

Islamic State
Diwan al-Zakat wa al-Sadaqat
Wilayat Ninawa

Committee of the Gharimun

No.Name of the gharimReceived sumDate of hand-over
1Riyadh Khalil Ibrahim1,220,000 
2Abd al-Hameed Ahmad Mahmoud985,000 
3Ali Muhammad Ali Sultan550,000 
4Othman Yunis Ismail528,000 
5Farhan Salim Mhammad470,000 
6Mari’e Hassan Saleh350,000 
7Riyan Jasim Muhammad Tamar500,000 
8Sa’ad Hassan Abdullah300,000 
Total sum 4,908,000 dinars only none other 

[NB: this document was found by researcher Vera Miranova].

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