Circular no. 39 from the Islamic State’s Diwan al-Qada wa al-Madhalim

Islamic State
Diwan al-Qada wa al-Madhalim

Issue no. 2915
Date: 29 Rabi’ al-Awal 1437 AH corresponding to 10 January 2016 CE

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful and the best prayers and most complete salutations be upon our Prophet and all his family and companions.

Circular no. 39

To the dear brothers the judges of the wilayas and all the judges in the courts of the Islamic State: as-salam alaykum wa rahmat Allah wa brakatuhu. Indeed I commend to you God, besides Whom there is no deity, and I ask Him that you should be well and in good health.

Subject: Monthly Report

The Diwan al-Qada wa al-Madhalim has noticed through the reports referred by you that they are not detailed in terms of number of referred and settled cases and cases under consideration and the numbers of prisoners and the like of details and thus we send to you attached the specimen monthly report to be adopted by you and to be sure of the necessity of complying with referral of the monthly report on every 27th day of every Hijri month.

We ask God to grant us and you success and the right path.

1. Archive

1. Copy of the monthly report
2. CD containing a copy of the specimen.

Islamic State
Diwan al-Qada wa al-Madhalim
The amir

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