Video Confessions of Nidhal al-Baridi of Jaysh Khalid bin al-Waleed

(Rough transcript of the video)

– There was the Hezbollah group here who wanted to create sleeper cells here in the Yarmouk Basin area and give them aid and military support.

– Fine, with whom have they been in contact?

– They have been in contact with one called Muhammad Yasin Abu Sayfan.

– Muhammad Yasin Abu Sayfan: to whom did he come, I mean whom did the party contact saying that they wanted to offer support? Who would work on the assignments? Who would establish the cells?

– We are the ones who would establish the cells.

– Who? You Nidhal yourself and the group?

– I Nidhal, but in coordination with the general amir.

– With the general amir what did you coordinate?

– Handing over the aircraft- reconnaissance aircraft- in exchange for a financial sum of $1.5 million. The matter turned from a financial sum to an exchange, that there would be the withdrawal of the al-Hajar al-Aswad group in exchange for the aircraft as they would be secured a safe exit.

– So the amir only knew that there would be a swap or exchange: that the aircraft would be in exchange for the withdrawal or the matter of money.

– No, he also had news of the matter of the exchange and we would take money from them.

– But he did not know that you would establish cells here.

– No he knew, and he is the one who gave me the flashstick in which the names were.

– What names?

– The names of people whom he placed directly.

(Rough transcript of the video)

– The assassination of Abu Hashim, who had knowledge of it from the leaders?

– The six people aforementioned.

– Who are they?

– Qahtan, Nidhal, Abu Tahrir, Nadir al-Qaseem, Khalid al-Jamal, Abu Jandal.

– How many meetings did you have before implementing the operation?

– Not all the meetings were such that they were gathered together. For example I was with so-and-so and so-and-so and for example most of the meetings were in the presence of Nadir al-Qaseem, myself and Abu Obeida Qahtan.

– So you were making the plans and distributing the assignments to the rest?

– Yes.

– You mentioned the IEDs that came. How any IEDs did you receive?

– Seven IEDs.

– You distributed how many?

– I distributed two.

– To whom?

– One to Nadir al-Qaseem and the second to Khalid al-Jamal.

– And the rest are where?

– I have them hidden in the house.

– Where in the house?

– In the garden of the house.

– And what is with them?

– With them are the detonation devices.

(Rough transcript of the video)

– Nidhal, tell us about how the prisoners were allowed to escape from the prison. How did the operation happen?

– There was Khalid al-Jamal.

– Khalid al-Jamal: what was his capacity in the formation among you?

– A leader.

– A leader from the six aforementioned.

– He came to me and said there is a group who contacted me- the al-Maghrib group- for the escape of the prisoner.

– Who are the al-Maghrib group?

– The Jews. I said who is the prisoner? He said Ali Jad’a, an intermediary with them for the al-Haramain group from Heet. They wanted to see if they could get him out from the Dawa’esh: the one called Ali Jad’a. Yes Ali Jad’a, we can get him out no problem. Ali Jad’a, he had a companion with him who was Aamer Marhaj, so they got them out.

– But how was the escape operation done?

– I don’t have a review of it.

– But who was responsible for it?

– Those responsible for it were those who had the shift: one called Omran and the second called Noor.

– Okay, those are the ones entrusted with their escape.

– Those who had the shift.

(Rough transcript of the video)

– There was a project on the basis that we establish a border guards brigade with the Jordanian side, to control the area, from al-Mu’allaqa to al-Qusayr, the al-Wahda dam area, and during the discussions with them they informed us that there would be a humanitarian border crossing in service to the citizens of the Basin, and permitting the peoples to farm their lands in the Yarmouk Valley area.

– What did the Jordanian side present you?

– The Jordanian side until now did not present us anything but there was a project but there was the order to delay the matter because of the explosion that happened in Inkhil against the leadership of the Southern Front.

– What were they promising you?

– They were promising us to offer to the brigade 4 by 4 vehicles, with individual light weapons and a humanitarian crossing and a sum of $50,000.

– $50,000 monthly as salaries?

– Expenditures and salaries for the brigade.

– Which brigade is this?

– This brigade was formed under my name. There is no specified name, just border guards, but the brigade affiliated with me and the work entrusted to it.

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